Meat Love

Oh, the meats I have known and will know

16 July 1980
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My name is Cheney J. Szopieraj and I adore nearly everything there is to adore about meat. This journal will serve as a record for myself which will describe in detail the meats I have loved and may one day love. But let it be known! This is not the worship of some idol- I've eaten meats of a disagreeable nature. Surely, we all have prepared a dish that has fallen short of the mark. The steak is far too chewy, the recipe called for one teaspoon of salt not one tablespoon, etc. etc. And so I will slowly critique each new dish as it is prepared- and will detail the stories behind the rare occasions when I am able to go out and gather my own fish and game. I have included in my interests list not only meats that I've eaten, but also those I'd like to indulge in before the date of my death. I am considering keeping a running tally of all of the meat dishes prepared and their recipes somewhere on this journal. It should be known that I am not an expert... I am an amateur of the highest degree. I cook for pleasure, but not for a career- my recipes are often thrown together to my own tastes, which are for sharp and strong flavours- I prefer spicy over mild- what good is the greatness of culinary extravagences without suffering to go with it?

But meat does not stop when the dishes are washed- The title of this journal stems directly from a film by Jan Svankmajer who has cleverly utilized meat preparation as a bitter metaphor for the progression of romantic relations. Meat has its place also in artwork, in film, in literature and in the public forum. It is a source of debate, a source of aesthetic consideration and ultimately a source of joy. It is true that every slice of meat eaten is from a living creature- and I believe very strongly in offering some sort of homage to them for their sacrifice. Though in the past, I failed to actively offer my thanks, I have begun to offer some kind of small speech or act of honor to show my appreciation for the life they have given up for my sustenance. I too am nothing more than a walking bag of meat and if ever a stronger creature devours me, and is capable of cognitive and reflective thought, I hope that they too offer thanks to me for my gift to them.

This journal will change and morph as I continue on this adventure- nothing in life is static- and I hope that you will join in and enjoy the world of meat.