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Raw food last night? Nope.

The Christmas season is quickly on its way, and I am headed up North very soon. Consequently, I had thought, it would be a very wise task to make sure that nothing in my refrigerator would be expiring before my return. As it happens to be, I had a single steak, which had been leftover from my graduation weekend, last. Sitting in my kitchen, in a creaky and unstable chair, I had closed my eyes and thought about the vital question:

What to do with the steak?

Should it be marinated in a speedy fashion (with some kind of vinegar)? Should it be deviled or fried with onions? Should it be baked in the oven? What would it mean if I were to bake it in the oven?

From what I understand, there exist people who insist that food should be eaten raw. I think that their claim is that cooking food destroys enzymes which assist in digestion- that it changes the molecular structure of the food and so renders it toxic. I am not sure what ‘toxic’ means here, but I will say this: I decided to both fry and bake the steak.

1. Pre-heated the oven to 375 degrees.

2. wrapped the steak in about 6 or 7 pieces of thinly sliced bacon.

3. Fried the bacon-wrapped steak with a very small pad of ‘real’ butter.

4. In a small bowl, mixed about 3 tablespoons of a Montreal Pepper Steak seasoning with about 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

5. After the exterior of the meat was browned nicely, placed the steak in a baking dish and coated it with the pepper. A dash of Worcestershire is mandatory.

6. Baked that son of a bitch for about 35 minutes for a nice medium rare steak.

I should make a side note here: Whenever I use bacon in a dish that goes in the oven, the bacon develops a rather tough consistency- much tougher and less crispy… more like Canadian bacon (my aunt used to call Canadian bacon ‘shoe leather’).

My imagination has been wrapped up in exam study, so I ate the steak with egg noodles in butter.

One last word on digestion, overweight people due to eating cooked food and the destruction of enzymes: My grand-dad died rock solid and tough as nails- he went out after feeding the cattle (a rather vigorous and heavy duty task). Not only did he spend his whole life eating cooked food, but I am going to wager that well over half of his diet was exclusively cooked animals. On various websites dedicated to the raw food trend it is claimed that cooking is responsible for American obesity. That is a strong claim and really needs something strong to back it up- you can bet that my family doesn’t help support it. Get off your couch, put down the fork and do some manual labor!

Oh, one more thing about this matter: Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life- if I cut 10 years off of my life by eating in a manner that is not conducive to my health (like how I tend to like cooking my meats/starches in lard), so be it. I would voluntarily sign over a year of my life for another rack of lamb.
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