meat_love (meat_love) wrote,

A Moment of Your Time for Fish

This entry of Meat Love is dedicated to my perpetual adoration of Fish. I eat a great deal of fish. Fish are sexier, lighter, and somehow more devious than mammals- in terms of flavour anyway. The gods look with favor on creatures from the ocean; Great Poseidon, I bow in thanks.

These little fellows are called Butterfish. That’s right, Butterfish. Their meat is a little on the sweeter side, but it would take a great number of them to make up a whole meal.

One problem I have with them is their flimsy little bones:

But with a healthy dose of bread crumbs, egg, flour, and whatever seasonings seem appropriate, they serve well to accompany something heftier… like Skate and pasta.

A Moment Of Your Time To Pay Tribute to Where It Tends To Come From:

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