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Still eating!!

I’ve been concerned about posting anything at all to follow up one about eating bull penis, but I realize that I have to just sort of breathe deep and move along. Given the amount of time since my last post, a great deal of meat has been prepared and eaten. I’ve purchased meat as well- and strangely, I actually have chicken in my freezer. Chicken is something I don’t tend to buy… it doesn’t have the feel and character of other meats- even fish seems to weigh more heavily on the spirit than chicken. Nevertheless, sometime soon I will prepare a chicken dish- and will surely love it.

If you take a look at these ingredients (take especial note of the Tobasco sauce):

You think one thing, right? Barbecue! Hot holy hell, barbecue! A rarity in this house because to really do barbecue properly, a grill is essential. Now I don’t have a grill because at this point, I’ve nowhere to put it, and little space to make use of it. However, now that I am thinking about it, I really should get a charcoal grill- I could probably keep it in the basement, and utilize it near the steps of my entryway.

The oven was the only way on that day, and after bringing it ‘round, it looked something like this (Note the corn and the Shaw; all corn should be eaten with a heap of salt):

Travel with me now away from the red meat and on to one of my favorite meats: fish. I am very partial because I fancy myself to be an amateur fisherman, and will one day aspire to be a pro. After having a horrible day, I decided to make my life better by purchasing a flounder. I had meant to take a picture of it before I gutted it, but forgot entirely to do so. Here is the beauty:

Note the eyes. There is something wonderful about the thought of having two eyes on the same side of your face:

For the preparation, I had taken fresh capers and let them sit in the refrigerator for a few days in a pile of sea salt. On the day of the cooking, I decapitated the flounder, rolled it in a salt-flour mixture, and heated up a fry pan with about a quarter-inch of blended oil. For some reason I can’t bear to use canola oil or vegetable oil by themselves… In a saucepan, I heated up the squeezed lemons, the rinsed capers, and a stick of butter. The flounder was fried and then covered with the sauce. Simple salty and salubrious.

All of you who are flounder fans, like myself, you know that the biggest problem with them is the bones.

The bones are frighteningly strong, thick, and sharp. Consequently, the tail and the fins can’t be eaten, however delightfully crisp and tasty they would otherwise be.

As a final point in this post, I want to mention store-bought meat. The fact is that a fish, deer, person, crustacean, or other animal looks very tasty in the wild. How peculiar is it that packaged meat still looks mouthwatering even shrink-wrapped in Meijer stores? The answer is so simple, it is almost funny. The answer is: Because both are meat. Why does it still look good all wrapped up in a grocery store? It is the same thing that walks around in the field or forest, and swims in the rivers, lakes, and oceans. It is the same thing and we do love it.

(photos courtesy of David; ca. 1996 or 1997)

My next post will be on the use of meat in Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thanks everyone! Forks and knives up!!
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