meat_love (meat_love) wrote,

Catching up despite 12-day sickness.

23 December 2005:

Was treated to dinner by Arthur H. When I am treated to a free meal, I consider it to be very courteous to allow the financier to choose my plate. Given my host’s strict vegan diet, I rather expected to be eating a plate of some kind of bean- fashioned in some way such that it feigns as though it is as substantial as meat. Instead, I was quite surprised when he ordered me ‘whatever was the most out of the ordinary dish offered.’ Delight followed when my wonton soup order was changed to a rice-bamboo-chicken something-or-other soup. The name of the entrée escapes me, but it consisted of a number of small octopuses, ginger, scallops, steamed (larger) octopus suckers, shrimp and broccoli in an extraordinarily spicy Thai sauce- whose base seemed to be coconut milk. The dish was amazing- so kudos to Golden Chopstix, Traverse City. The only things I couldn’t get down were the broccoli trees.

29 December 2005:

Was treated to dinner by my brother. The concept of having my meal chosen for me was abandoned in lieu of my brother and I had a dinner of battered shrimp and what the Outback Steakhouse calls: “aussie fries.” They call the sauce served with the shrimp “aboriginal” and somehow I am reminded of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life. Enough said. The rest of the table had steaks. Good news: The Outback Steakhouse carries Henry Weinhard’s root beer.

My sickness prevented me from taking notice of any dates apart from these- and my sickness currently prevents me from thinking too hard about it. The important facts in the case are these:

1. On two separate days I dined at Mabel’s restaurant in Traverse City, both times taking part in the No. 44- with sautéed onions topping it. Tomatoes sicken me when they are in a recognizable form.

2. David treated me to tacos which we ate while watching The Narrow Margin by Richard Fleischer. Taco House, Traverse City is the place for tacos when you cannot make them yourself.

3. Such good food for my surprise graduation party (on the 31st of December?)- if only I were healthy enough to have enjoyed it. Cold shrimp and cocktail sauce- standard cheeses, no-bake cookies- etc. etc.

4. Right before leaving Ann Arbor (22 December?) purchased two $10.00 sausages from Zingerman’s delicatessen. Cacciatore. They are worth twice that amount.

Regular entries beginning… NOW.
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