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Tell Me Why... Do Girls... Love Horses? -Adam Ant

Within the last week, I read an advertisement in the New York Times which brought to my attention that Horse slaughterhouses are still in operation in the United States. A very small amount of effort brought me to discover that two of the three slaughterhouses are located in Texas, and the third (though burnt down in 2002) is being (or has been) rebuilt in DeKalb, Illinois. The advert begins like this (with patriotic flare):

It continues:

And has this picture at the bottom:

It is a strange thing to me, this whole business. I am not sure I understand the concerns being presented. It almost seems like the idea is that horses shouldn't be eaten. What I can't understand is why horse has not been offered on the menu of any restaurant... even before the legislation passed last month to ban the slaughter of horses for meat in the US. Perhaps it is as simple as sentimentality- I highly doubt that any significant number of people would object to the breeding of spiders to eat. The more sizable and human-like a mammal is, the more likely we seem to have a fit about killing and eating it- the more their death reminds me of my own, the more I am going to fight against it. Bloody ridiculous. Serve up the horses!!

Enough of that nonsense. Here is a dish that means a great deal to me. It is quite simple to make, but it reminds me so overwhelmingly of my childhood that I tend to get teary-eyed when I eat it. Burger Bundles.

Here is a bit of that business:

And a bit of this:

My life would be woefully inadequate without Burger Bundles, and I take this opportunity to praise my mother for them.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre post will come up next time; I was sidetracked by this horse business... and am still feel kind of sick about legislation that restricts me from enjoying something just because of... what? I am still not quite sure. Why didn't they just pass a law regarding methods of harvesting, slaughtering, and distribution? A ban? I am getting worked up, so it is time to sign off.

Keep those knives and forks raised high!
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